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Duties Of Leader

The Duties Of Leader Job Are Not Easy But We Can't Make It Too Complicated

You should take around at this post about "Global Leadership Opportunity For Your Resident & Living Place" before going about the job duties for Leader.

As Leadership, We Must Be Able Bring Out The Best Quality And Lead Your Team Member's To Fulfilment They Each Other Dreams..

Duties Of Leader
The Dreams Of Them Mean They Day Become As One Of Your Team Member, What They Are Looking From You To Lead, Assists, Guide Them To The Goals On Early Setting.

But It Is Not Enough Just Lead Them To Achieve The Dream, As Good Leadership, You Also Need Lead Your Members Into The Future With Vision, Mission, Direction And The Purpose On The Life.

What the first word when given them the impression, don't try to change they mind on dream when at one short session of progress of the JOB.

There Are Basically Duties Needed As One Good Leader :
1.) Management - They can be categories as Time, Date, Team, Cost, Profit, Expense, Personal etc. Create the the Mangement Tools to monitor each of this component from daily, weekly, and monthly. To make sure each of them are on consistently meaureable.

2.) Analysis - Not just analyse your company product's on Global Or Nationwide Market Trend, or just your personal Profit. As good leader, you need to analyzed each other your team member's on their performance, result, attituted and so on. Also, your other competition, if you want become as the TOP 1 on the same industry market, you need understand well on your competition.

3.) New Joiner - Keep as consistent job to do the new recruitment, it expandable your member's and shoppers. Tell them clearly why they need to join as your team member, and WHY they are looking into this Market, and What they believe they could earn and gain from here.

4.) Meeting - Frequently meeting from daily, weekly and monthly are important. You need to know recently what they are doing, and assists them to solve the problem when they are meet in when do the prospecting. All this job of Meeting can instantly with FACE TO FACE understand more on your direct and indirect team member's.

5.) Training - Update the latest information from the company products, marketing and news to your member's. Train them on Marketing, Product Study, Closing Sale, Maintenance & Follow Up.

6.) Technology : Today technology are keep growing and the eCommerce has affected widely on Global Market. The technology can speed up to pass the latest information to your Member's which can't meet up on Nationwide. Even this is one of the Marketing Tool (we called Internet Marketing Tools) to close the sale, prospect, and communication each other.

Most of the Leadership are failure on final is because they need to caring other business or job, they are not full concentrate on the Business Opportunities what they are highly recommended to the prospecting.

And some of leadership like as Jumper, this year the company maybe Y, next year the other company is Z. Some of them are earning the big money, but this is just short time on they current life.

If you want BECOME as One Good Leadership, don't forgot yourself when meet up this environment :
* No matter how many changing on several factors
* No matter how many competitor are come out
* No matter how many new product's, marketing, laws etc are launching
* No matter what the current situation on Market Economic

...You must be able to handle the bad situation, and endure the whole progress on each environment.

As good leader, you must know when and where to given the instruction to your each other member's working together to achieved the final goal which is "Goals Setting By Early Of Year". And what is your important Duties As Leader.

Lastly, wish you success and better than currently.

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