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From here, we just provide who, how, what, where, when question which related to our team work job. Any question can't find from here we are recommended you can direct contact us by clicking here.

Who We Are?
We are one of the team (Independent Business Owner) which join at this Global Marketplace Business Opportunity Program, one of largest and strongest Malaysian company.

What Is Your Team Name?
Our team name is "Mega Future, which you can read more about us at here", and our slogan is "Yes Yes Yes...We Are The Best", joining with us, create your own monthly residual income from here.

Who Is Your Team Leader?
Our team top leader is Viney and Annie Tan, which is also find out this team name.

How Long Your's Join With Business Opportunity?
Since 2008 year, we already start join for this companies. And at this two plus year, we have prove and confident to create more monthly income from this successful marketing system.

How I Know I Am Join And Sign Up Under Your Team?
Make sure your referral code is as "MY156804", if you are Malaysian Legal Resident and is stay at Malaysia we highly recommended you meet us at local before sign up. If you are from International, you are also recommended contact us by email, inquiry form, or direct with phone call.

If I Want Directly Sign Up As Online, Can You Guide Me?
Yes, just click this link "Join Us" to read more and follow the guideline. If you still have difficult and question, contact us by local.

Before I Direct Online Sign Up, And Contact Your's Through Offline, May I Know Simply How This System Work?
Yes, just click here "how work" to read more and simple information explain with image show (origin from companies)

I Am Chinese, And Want As Mandarin Explain, Do You Have Provided?
Yes, just click here to read the Mandarin Page about this business, more please contact us by offline.

What The Products Selling, And How The Marketing System Running?
The selection hot product can direct click here "product", and more about marketing plan how work click here. There have different and unlimited come with wide range products which provided from this business. You have the a lot choice to open for your market through offline and online way.

Where Should I Meet Us Your Team?
If you are from Malaysia and is staying at Kuala Lumpur or Selangor Darul Ehsan, then we have the great time and chance to arrange for appointment.

If you are from Malaysia but is other state OR other country then we recommended contact us by offline or click here to submit your contact we will follow up you within 48 hours.

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