The below is the real testimonial from our Mega Future Team.

We welcome you come be as one our part, we work together. And help each other have the chance to earn the monthly residual income, and change the they currently life and develop the more better usual life.

Currently, our team member is cover for Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, and we are looking and provided to expand our member team wide to more different country. Click here to contact us, if you are interested together with us.

1.) Melisa Lim
I want to thanks Annie Tan leading and giving me the opportunity to involved this global business.I am housewife for this 3 years and is depending on husband income,but after join eCosway I have make every month income average RM5,000.Now day, I have more financial free-doom to my two kids and my family future life. I just want to highly recommended you come join with us, and you also can make it.
** Female, 35 Old -  Malaysia, Selangor, Kepong

2.) Mr Jackson Wong
I don't have any MLM, Direct Selling, Networking experience at before. I have few friends is involved few companies is this kind industry. But after I have meet up Annie Tan, she giving me a lot lead by example and confident that eCosway is one of the best Malaysian Franchise companies which provided unique marketing system which I have not meet it before. At the best, today I have more than 200 partnership in my group and they are from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Taiwan and Indonesia. I believe and trust it, you are welcome.
** Male, 28 Old - Malaysia, Selangor, Puchong

3.) Irene
From 2009 October, I am not just spend the money on eShopping, but I also can earn back some money from eShopping and the products is wide and multi-selection, and the product's is involved from different industry. At the best, I also used the eCosway Online Marketing System to find the Global Online Social Friendship to involved into this offline and online companies. You never try and work it, you wont get the final answer. Trust me, come join with our team "Mega Future".
** Female, 23 Old - Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Cheras

4.) Jacky Tan
我是来自马来西亚目前在新加坡就业。自从认识到 ANNIE TAN,她跟我解说了这 ECOSWAY 就业机会,成本少少可是可以做到国际市场。我一开始也是在徘徊着,也在网上 GOOGLE,YAHOO, BING SEARCH了很多关于 ECOSWAY 事迹和一些组织的招募,但亲身看了ANNIE TAN以身做法,我相信我找对领袖和组织。我刚加入 ECOSWAY 就赚了人生第一次十五千八十块在一个月里,现在每个月平均我的月收入是二十二至到二十十八千。要赚钱不只是看领袖如何赚多少钱,最重要是她 ANNIE TAN教我如何自己也赚了每个月平均稳定的收入。今天就加入我们。
** 男,三十八岁 - 马来西亚,吉隆坡

** Notes :
- Please respect the real human on this Blog Page Testimonial info,all the info is providing from the member.
- 本網誌刊登之內容,皆由作者所提供,不代表MALAYSIAN GLOBAL BUSINESS 博客之立場請尊重知識產權.

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